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Absolutely love it here. I have been coming here since my kids were babies, they set me up with my first hearing aids in adulthood,allowing me to finally hear my babies cry and suck on their pacifiers. They are wonderful people

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Amara Philebaum, on Google

Excellent service i everything was explained

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Sheila Tancrede, on Google

I was sent here by my doctor to have a hearing test because I was having ear issues, and found out that I could get a pair of hearing aids and completely free unlimited batteries for it! What!?! Outstanding! Of course it was my insurance that covers this, but the staff at Audible told me about it! Very knowledgeable people, thorough to. The only thing I didn't really like was at the end of my appointment when I came to pick up my hearing aids, was he got a little snippy with me because he had to repeat some information that I didn't hear him say. Aww well, I don't hear well lol, I do wear hearing aids after all 😂. This is a good place and I recommend you going here for your hearing needs!

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Miss Eddie, on Google

Great place to go for hearing needs as well as hearing aids. Nice an friendly people. They have always treated me very good over a lot of years .

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Lanora Beaty, on Google

Huh? I’m sorry; I didn’t hear your name. What did you say? I can’t hear you!!!

This is how it used to be! About 3 months ago, I found the great way hearing aids should be. Not as though you have fingers in your ears…but with air openings so you can hear and not have to feel plugged up. No, they are not out where everyone can see them, but gently hidden in your ears.

Best of all, when you are spoken to, you answer the question that was asked to you. Especially when your wife is asking you to do something for her! Seriously you must try…you will not be disappointed.

First, admit that you cannot hear properly.

Second, do something about it.
You will be pleased.

Joe Walker

I was a skeptic about getting hearing aids. Like many people, I didn’t think I needed them. After having worn them for 8-9 months, I can hear the TV much better and it doesn’t have to be turned up so high.

It has changed my ability to hear conversations and understand those around me. The word “huh” is out of my vocabulary now.

Darrell Parsons

I woke up one morning and said today is the day. I called Audibel hearing center to get an appointment for the next day to get a hearing test. On Dec. 2nd I had my appointment and then picked up my hearing aids on Dec. 4th. I went back in one week and had a small adjustment and it’s been wonderful since then. My family did not know I had them until I told them. They are amazed because they can’t see them in my ears until I show them. I hear things now that I had not heard for years and I no longer have to read lips. It’s an amazing change in my life. The service was also very prompt.

Mick Bowen